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Formloom 4


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Now with macOS Catalina Support

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What's New! in Formloom 4

  • UNLIMITED Sites / Forms 🔥

    Unlike other web form "services", you can use Formloom on all your web sites! There is no limit to how many forms or web sites a single copy of Formloom 4 will work with.

  • Multi-Step Forms 🔥

    Got a super long form? Well now you can break it up into multiple steps.

  • Rules 🔥

    Hide and show items based on the values of other items. Powerful conditionals are now in Formloom.

  • Data Tables 🔥

    Built in support to view and filter through data submitted into MySQL.

  • New Input Types

    We have added a bunch of new input types , including...

    • Date Range
    • Time Range
    • Date-Time Range
    • Signature
    • Star Rating
    • Range Slider
    • Currency
    • Security Question

  • Mail Preview

    Preview how your emails will look directly inside Formloom 4.

  • Better Email Design

    Formloom's new Email HTML wrapper will make any email look like a professional designed it.

  • reCAPTCHA v.3 Support

    Make sure humans are filling out your forms, not bots using the new invisible reCaptcha v.3

  • Font Awesome 5

    Complete Font Awesome 5 support for placing over 1400 different icons in your input fields.

  • Darknesss!

    Formloom 4 supports the new Mojave Dark Mode in RapidWeaver 8.1+

  • Persist Data

    Tell your form to hold on to input entries until the form is complete. Even when the page gets reloaded by mistake.

  • Included Formloom Helper Stack

    Using the Formloom 4 Helper Stack, you can now include any Formloom 4 form into any Stacks page.

  • Added Style Settings

    Design your form by choosing the colors, font and font sizes for your form.

  • Improved UX

    Things are looking really nice with the addition of full-screen functionailty, cleaner layout and retina optimized UI.

  • Plus much more...

    There are just too many things to list them all here.

Standard Features

  • Totally Responsive

    Formloom 4 has been completely rebuilt to output Mobile-First, Responsive HTML. Have no fear loading your forms on a phone, tablet or any mobile device.

  • User Login

    Password Protect your forms.

  • Receipt Files

    Attach files to receipts.

  • Styled Form Breaks

    Styled blocks of text inside your form.

  • Validation Rules

    Make sure you are getting the info you need with the many validation options.

    • Required
    • Email Validation
    • URL Validation
    • Date Validation
    • Alphanumeric
    • Value Equal To...
    • Min Length
    • Max Length
    • Min Value
    • Max Value

  • Drag-Drop Templates

    Easily create custom formatted emails using new drag and drop placeholders.

  • Options Import

    Quickly import options via CSV file.

  • DKIM Support

    Provide added validation for emails sent from your Formloom form using DKIM.

  • Custom Classes

    For all the power CSS users out there, we provide ability to add custom classes to your form inputs.

  • Block Trouble Makers

    Security feature allows you to block form submissions from specified email addresses and IP addresses.

  • Tooltips

    Place hover-tooltips on your inputs and position them to the top, letft, right, bottom and more.

  • Masking Support

    Make sure input data s formatted exactly how you need it by using the new masking feature.

  • Multiple Recipients

    Add multiple To, Cc, Bcc and Reply-To addresses.

  • RapidWeaver Friendly

    Seamless integration with Rapidweaver and your existing Rapidweaver based site.

  • Customizable Appearance

    Choose from hundreds of RapidWeaver themes to skin your form.

  • Formatting

    Flexible form layout and presentation options.

  • Self Contained

    Formloom has all you need to create ultra-kewl forms.

  • Preview First

    Preview your form prior to publishing.

  • MySQL Support

    Save your user's input directly to a MySQL database.

  • Google Sheets Support

    Save your form input directly to a Google Sheets (spreadsheet).

  • Email Templates

    You decide how emails are formatted via templates.

  • Localized by You

    Formloom lets you change the text values on everything.

  • Locked Down!

    Filter out possible malicious form injections.

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