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Formloom 3

Exclusively for rw6 RapidWeaver® 6


Web Form Creation Plugin for RapidWeaver® 6.


Formloom offers several methods to validate and pre-format user input.


Formloom utilizes the Bootstrap 12 column method to define field widths and scale appropriately on mobile devices.


Don't sacrifice form for function! Add your own header and footer content, translate and localize all text and easily modify the colors.

Plays Well With Stacks

FormLoom includes a form placement stack. Simply build a Formloom page within your RapidWeaver® project, then place it on any stacks page.

Do More With Your Data

In addition to receiving form submissions via email, you can now save user input to a MySQL database.

Manage Users

Keep spam at bay with Formloom's email and IP address blocking. User management is built right into the plugin as well, lockdown your form with login requirements and manage usernames and passwords directly in Formloom.




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What's New! in Formloom 3

  • Exclusively for RapidWeaver® 6

    Formloom 3 was updated to take advantage of everything that RapidWeaver 6 and Mac OS X 10.9+ has to offer.

  • Totally Responsive

    Formloom 3 has been completely rebuilt to output Mobile-First, Responsive HTML. Have no fear loading your forms on a phone, tablet or any mobile device.

  • Included Formloom 3 Stack

    Using the Formloom 3 Remote Stack, you can now include any Formloom 3 form into any Stacks page.

  • New Input Types

    We have added a bunch of new input types , including...

    • Date-Time
    • Time
    • Email
    • Telephone
    • URL
    • Number(stepper)
    • Star Rating
    • Color Picker
    • Captcha

  • Tooltips

    Place hover-tooltips on your inputs and position them to the top, letft, right, bottom and more.

  • Input Icons

    Complete Font Awesome support for placing icons in your input fields.

  • Masking Support

    Make sure input data s formatted exactly how you need it by using the new masking feature.

  • New Validation Rules

    Make sure you are getting the info you need with the many validation rules we have added to Formloom 3.

    • Required
    • Email Validation
    • URL Validation
    • Date Validation
    • Require Digits (Number value)
    • Value Equal To...
    • Min Length
    • Max Length
    • Min Value
    • Max Value

  • Block Trouble Makers

    New security feature allows you to block form submissions from specified email addresses and IP addresses.

  • Added Style Settings

    Design your form by choosing the colors, font and font sizes for your form.

  • DKIM Support

    Provide added validation for emails sent from your Formloom 3 form using DKIM.

  • Custom Classes

    For all the power CSS users out there, we provide ability to add custom classes to your form inputs.

  • Improved UX

    Things are looking really nice with the addition of full-screen functionailty, cleaner layout and retina optimized UI.

  • Plus much more...

    There are just too many things to list them all here.

Standard Features

  • User Login

    Password Protect your forms.

  • Receipt Files

    Attach files to receipts.

  • Styled Form Breaks

    Styled blocks of text inside your form.

  • Drag-Drop Templates

    Easily create custom formatted emails using new drag and drop placeholders.

  • Options Import

    Quickly import options via CSV file.

  • Multiple Recipients

    Add multiple To, Cc, Bcc and Reply-To addresses.

  • RapidWeaver Friendly

    Seamless integration with Rapidweaver and your existing Rapidweaver based site.

  • Customizable Appearance

    Choose from hundreds of RapidWeaver themes to skin your form.

  • Formatting

    Flexible form layout and presentation options.

  • Self Contained

    Formloom has all you need to create ultra-kewl forms.

  • Preview First

    Preview your form prior to publishing.

  • reCAPTCHA Support

    Make sure humans are filling out your forms, not bots.

  • MySQL Support

    Save your user's input directly to a MySQL database.

  • Email Templates

    You decide how emails are formatted via templates.

  • Localized by You

    Formloom lets you change the text values on everything.

  • Locked Down!

    Filter out possible malicious form injections.

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