Paysnap for RapidWeaver® & Stacks Plugin


PaySnap 3 PayPal and Stripe Shopping Cart

PaySnap is a suite of Stacks Elements for RapidWeaver that can create highly customized online catalog/shopping cart pages including Checkout with PayPal and Stripe.





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Included Stacks

  • Paysnap Base Base

    Primary stack used to establish all the settings for your shopping cart and checkout.

  • Paysnap Item Item

    Container stack used for all your individual product details.

  • Paysnap Button Button

    Creat Add to Cart and View Cart buttons in unlimited styles.

  • Paysnap Price Price

    Display the price of your product or provide a editable input dynamic pricing.

  • Paysnap Details Details

    Display a lightbox style modal with more details about your product.

  • Paysnap Quantity Quantity

    Include quantity inputs in three different styles, Dropdown, Text or Stepper.

  • Paysnap Select Dropdown - Option

    Include Dropdown list of options for your product.

  • Paysnap Checkbox Checkbox - Option

    Let users check multiple options for a single product.

  • Paysnap Radio Radio - Option

    Single select radio list of option inputs your customers can choose from.

  • Paysnap Text Text - Option

    Collect custom text values that apply to your product.

Key Features

  • Stripe Checkout 🔥 NEW in 3.0

    THIS IS HUGE! Your customers can now checkout with their credit card using the Awesome Stripe platform to securely accept payments.

  • Image Thumbnails 🔥 NEW in 3.0

    now include a thumbnail image.

  • New Cart Design 🔥 NEW in 3.0

    Popup Cart is now completely refreshed for 2020.

  • Add in Place 🔥 NEW in 3.0

    Optionally suppress Cart Popup when adding items to your cart.

  • Dynamic View Cart Button 🔥 NEW in 3.0

    Choose to include Cart count and Total Amount in View Cart button.

  • Dropdown and Stepper Quantity 🔥 NEW in 3.0

    Quantity can now be displayed as a dropdown or Stepper (+/-)

  • Works Great with Foundation 6 & Foundry 2 🔥 NEW in 3.0

    Make kick ass web sites using RapidWeaver and the new Foundation 6 from Joe Workman or Foundry 2 from Elixir.

  • Tons of Tweaks! 🔥 NEW in 3.0

    We have rebuilt this stack from the ground up to be the best non-subscription based shopping cart for RapidWeaver.

  • Responsive

    PaySnap displays are now responsive and accomodate the screen size it is view on. This requires a responsive theme however.

  • Retina Ready

    Edit-mode UI and Published content both look great on Retina based displays. Nice and clean.

  • Editable Price ( Donate )

    Gives users ability to use "name their own price", ideal for soliciting donations as well

  • Disable Products ( Out of Stock )

    Temporarily disable sale of a product without having to redesign your page.

  • Custom Buttons

    Buttons can now be PayPal images, Custom Images AND Custom CSS Styled buttons ( complete with choice of optional retina-ready icons. )

  • Expiring Carts

    You can now set when a visitor's cart will expire. This can be anything from 1 hour to 200 hours. You can also have the cart be emptied as soon as user is taken to PayPal site.

  • Edit-Mode Preview

    Edit the style of your cart and see the results in real-time right inside edit-mode of Stacks. No need to switch back and frorth from edit to preview modes.

  • Client Side Cart

    Cart Stored in Local Storage so customers only leave site at checkout.

  • Products with Variations

    Add up to 20 (Twenty!) options per product. Vary price based on option choice.

  • Cart Customization

    Use PaySnap's color selections to create a cart that matches your site design.

  • Go Global

    PaySnap supports 20 currencies. You can also localize all the text in each and every PaySnap Stack Element.

  • Self Contained

    You need only PaySnap, a Paypal account and something to sell!

  • Preview First

    Preview and navigate through your entire cart before publishing.