Formsnap Input Pack Add On Inputs for Formsnap 3

FormSnap 3 Input Pack NEW!

The FormSnap 3 - Input Pack is a highly customized set of inputs that further extend the type of data your Formsnap 3 forms can collect.


Input Pack Inputs

  • Add Another Add Another

    Dynamically add more input fields as needed.

  • FormSnap Agree to Terms

    Checkbox / Modal combination perfect for collecting term agreements.

  • FormSnap Credit Card

    Self validating and formatting Credit Card input for number, expiration date and cvv code.

  • FormSnap Currency

    Format number values into specified currency format.

  • Captcha Rate

    Star rating input perfect for getting feedback in your forms.

  • FormSnap Signature

    Collect actual user signatures and have them delivered in your emails.

  • FormSnap Time (Popup) Menu

    A dropdown menu of times configured in specified increments.

  • FormSnap WYSIWYG Editor

    A light weight, full-featured WYSIWYG editor.

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