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BackSnap Comments, Ratings and Reviews

What is BackSnap?

BackSnap is the complete user comment AND rating system for RapidWeaver and Stacks 2 Plugin. Backsnap allows you to easily provide a means of user interaction on your site. Allow visitors to comment (and reply to comments!) on a blog article, or provide product reviews and ratings on your ecommerce site. Our nifty in-stack preview mode allows you to style your comment system directly in RapidWeaver.

In addition, you can moderate all comment activity via a web-based Admin system the stack will create for you. Add the stack to RapidWeaver, publish, then manage comments and replies from anywhere...even your iPhone. Spam is kept at bay via human challenge questions and, optionally, Akismet realtime filtering.

Installation and setup are painless. All you need to know is your MySQL login information and Backsnap does all the heavy lifting. Never even look at html to incorporate BackSnap, just drag in the stack, just supply your MySQL info and go.

BackSnap can be placed on any web page, but the backend still requires your web host provides you with PHP 5.3 and MySQL 5 . Without these BackSnap WILL NOT WORK.


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Key Features

  • Get Feedback From Your Visitors

    Add Comments, Ratings or Reviews to any page created using Stacks 2 plugin from Yourhead Software.

  • Insert into ANY Stacks Page

    BackSnap can be placed on any type Stacks page. PHP is only required for the backend pages.

  • Customize the Look

    Stylize the output to match any theme without having to know a lick of CSS.

  • Full Featured Admin

    Respond, Edit, Report SPAM and Delete comments made on your web site.

  • Akismet Support

    STOP SPAM by using your Akismet account. BackSnap will use Akismet API to verify SPAM is not being added to your Comments/Reviews. You can also report SPAM that does not get caught inititally right from the Admin page.

  • Gravatar Support

    Gravatar support is a built in feature of BackSnap. If the author's email is recognized by Gavatar, then their custom avatar will be displayed alongside their comment.

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