Go CMS Unlimited Online blog and content editing for unlimited websites.


Unlimited License.

Go CMS Unlimited allows you to publish an online editable blog, or content areas, for unlimited RapidWeaver websites. Add new blog posts or edit existing posts, online in any web browser.

Instant Page Editor.

With Go CMS, edit blog posts and content areas - as you see it live, on your webpage. Instantly style text, add image galleries, audio, embed videos, eCommerce, all with the Go edit bar

Hidden Edit Access.

Trigger page edit access with Shift + Control + X. A valid password will launch edit mode, false passwords will prevent edit access. Passwords are remembered for seamless future page edits.

Painless Setup.

1. Add RapidWeaver GeneralWeb Address.
2. Configure your License Key in → Resources.
Publish, and done. No database. No FTP setup.

Social Meta Tags.

Go blog creates social meta tags for each post, including Facebook and Twitter. Go also automatically manages and builds blog post urls from post titles, categories, and tags.

Secure Editing.

Security measures are used every time Go content is edited, saved, or deleted. Your unique password prevents unauthorized editing of your content. Go also features painless 1-click backups.

Go Blog Layouts

Blog styles... Traditional, Modern, Headlines, and Grid.

Traditional   Example →

Stacks Image 98

Modern   Example →

Stacks Image 100

Grid   Example

Stacks Image 103

Headlines   Example

Stacks Image 106

Go Blog Showcase

Beautiful Go blog examples, courtesy of Paul West.

Marcy Tilton. Website

Stacks Image 95

Frequently Asked Questions

Also checkout the Go knowledgebase, or ask a question.

  • Q. Comparing Go CMS Unlimited (v2) to Go CMS (v1.x), what's new?
  • A. Way easier setup and manage. Password logins are now remembered in Go for instant edit access. Go Unlimited is compatible with RapidWeaver 8's Privacy feature. RSS Feeds and Edit Log. And... Go Unlimited can be used on UNLIMITED DOMAINS!

  • Q. Do I use the same purchase email address and license key in all Go Base stacks, for each website?
  • A. Yes. The Go License Key for each RapidWeaver project, should have the same email address and license key from your original Go CMS Unlimited purchase email. The Unlock password can be different.

  • Q. What version of RapidWeaver and Stacks is required?
  • A. Go Stack requires Mac OS Sierra (or higher), RapidWeaver 6+ and Stacks 3.5+

  • Q. Will CMS Go allow me to edit any stack on page online?
  • A. You can edit any content added within a Go stack. So, if you add a Go stack inside another Stack, that combination should be editable online.
  • Q. Can I limit the upload image file size for clients?
  • A. Yes. In the Go Admin Settings, there's a setting called "Max File", by fault the limit is set to 3MB, you can adjust this from 1MB to 9MB.

  • Q. Can I edit Go with a mobile device?
  • A. Yes, on a mobile devices, instead of a hotkey (because that's not possible), you press a Go container for 2 seconds to initiate the password prompt. On Mobile, Go editing is limited to text-only.

  • Q. What are the server requirements?
  • A. Go CMS Unlimited requires that your web host runs PHP 5.6 or better. No database needed.

  • Q.Is Go CMS Compatible with...
  • A. Go should be compatible with all RapidWeaver themes, including Foundation, and Foundry.

  • Q.How can I redownload Go CMS Unlimited?
  • A. You can download it here .