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FormLoom 2 RapidWeaver Plugin

This version of Formloom is no longer being developed or updated. It is recommended that you purchase Formloom 3 for use with RapidWeaver 6 moving forward. This version no longer works with Google's reCaptch anti-bot input.

FormLoom 2

What is FormLoom?

FormLoom - add power and flexibility to your RapidWeaver pages. This RapidWeaver plugin allows you to quickly layout great looking multi-column forms. There's a lot of power behind the scenes too. Have the forms submitted to you via email, or integrate the submitted data into your MySQL database. FormLoom takes the hassle out of adding functional, productive forms to your site.


FormLoom 2
FormLoom 2
FormLoom 2

Key Features

  • Column Breaks

    Create multi-column forms.

  • User Login

    Password Protect your forms.

  • Receipt Files

    Attach files to receipts.

  • Styled Form Breaks

    Styled blocks of text inside your form.

  • Drag-Drop Templates

    Easily create custom formatted emails using new drag and drop placeholders.

  • Options Import

    Quickly import options via CSV file.

  • Multiple Recipients

    Add multiple To, Cc, Bcc and Reply-To addresses.

  • RapidWeaver Friendly

    Seamless integration with Rapidweaver and your existing Rapidweaver based site.

  • Customizable Appearance

    Choose from hundreds of RapidWeaver themes to skin your form.

  • Formatting

    Flexible form layout and presentation options.

  • Self Contained

    FormLoom has all you need to create ultra-kewl forms.

  • Preview First

    Preview your form prior to publishing.

  • More Input Types

    Include any input type you like in your form.

  • MySQL Support

    Save your user's input directly to a MySQL database.

  • Email Templates

    You decide how emails are formatted via templates.

  • Localized by You

    FormLoom lets you change the text values on everything.

  • Locked Down!

    Filter out possible malicious form injections.