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Posted 22 days ago
Started laying out the FormSnap dev environment. Ready to start developing in 2019. :-)
Posted 28 days ago
Merry Christmas everyone.
Posted 42 days ago
If at all possible, try to avoid using RapidWeaver 8.1 beta. Many things are getting broken. Hopefully the final re…
Posted 54 days ago
FormLoom Plugin 4.0.6 and FormLoom Stack 1.0.3 are out. Go update now. :)
Posted 55 days ago
Poll is not working, so I made decision to remove Modals from Formloom 4. Expect an update within next 24 hours.
Posted 55 days ago
Leaning toward removing modals, too many issues related... and people don't like "issues". :-P
Posted 55 days ago
Quick Poll, should we stop using the modal for Formloom 4 submit results or keep it? Alternative would be to show r…
Posted 60 days ago
Save 50% Off your purchase this weekend using Promo Code HOLIDAY18. This discount does not include the recently released Formloom 4. 😁
Posted 62 days ago
FormLoom 4.0.4 now available. Has some minor CSS and JS tweaks/fixes. Go git it!
Posted 65 days ago
For those having issues updating to Formloom 4.0.3, the problem is now fixed.
Posted 66 days ago
Just pushed out Formloom 4.0.3 update. Go git it.
Posted 68 days ago
Just pushed out Formloom update 4.0.2. Update via RapidWeaver or download fresh copy from our web site.
Posted 69 days ago
@YourHeadSupport Let's talk about it

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