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DateLoom RapidWeaver Plugin


What is DateLoom?

DateLoom is a RapidWeaver plugin that adds nice looking calendars to your site. Use DateLoom to create and share event information with others. You can also display *multiple* Google Calendar feeds on your DateLoom page, giving your friends, family or clients the ability to update the event information via the web. Sharing your calendar has never this easy.......or this good looking.




  • Simple Event Creation

    Create and Edit events directly in RapidWeaver.

  • Google Calendar Support

    Add multiple Google Calendars feeds to a single calendar.

  • Localized by You

    DateLoom lets you change the text values on everything.

  • Styled Text & Image Event Description

    Give your DateLoom created events a styled-text description that can include images .

  • RapidWeaver Friendly

    Seamless integration with Rapidweaver and your existing Rapidweaver based site.

  • Customizable Appearance

    Choose from hundreds of RapidWeaver themes to skin your form.

  • Flexible Date and Time Formats

    DateLoom gives you complete control on how your dates and times are displayed.

  • Powered by jQuery

    jQuery no-conflict script plays well with others.

  • jQuery UI Theme Support

    Trick out your calendar with any of the 24 built-in jQuery UI Themes.

  • Assignable Default View(s)

    Month? Week? Day? You set the default view.

  • Styled Text Header / Footer

    Wrap your calendar with your own styled text entry.

  • Color Coded Events

    Differentiate your events using built in color-coding feature.

Powered by jQuery & FullCalendar plugin

DateLoom uses the excellent FullCalendar jQuery plugin ( along with some stuff we cooked in ) to display most of the calendar views. Please consider visiting his site and making a small ( or BIG ) donation, FullCalendar is a FREE plugin.